Gradient Flows face-to-face 3

Salle Fokko-du-Cloux (Université Claude Bernard Lyon I, campus de la Doua.)

Salle Fokko-du-Cloux

Université Claude Bernard Lyon I, campus de la Doua.

Braconnier Building


This workshop is the third installment in the series "Gradient Flows face-to-face", created to once again allow researchers to meet and discuss gradient flows and related topics after the long period of homeworking and online workshops. It follows the two previous editions, held in September 2021 in Roma and in September 2022 in L'Aquila, respectively. 

The aim is to keep a working group atmosphere and encourage discussions and interactions as much as possible between participants. In order to keep the workshop at a reasonable size and allow for fruitful interactions, the number of participants is limited to approximately 50. Registrations are currently closed.

This year's workshop is fully funded by the ERC advanced grant "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the JKO Scheme" (EYAWKAJKOS) and will be its launching event.

You can find the schedule of the conference and abstracts here. You can also find the slides of the talks at the bottom of the page or in the timetable section.

List of  Speakers

  • Matteo Bonforte (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Noemi David (Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1)
  • Marco Di Francesco (Università dell'Aquila)
  • Simone Di Marino (Università di Genova)
  • Bertram Düring (University of Warwick)
  • Matthias Erbar (Universität Bielefeld)
  • Antonio Esposito (University of Oxford)
  • Ivan Gentil (University Claude Bernard - Lyon 1)
  • Anastasiia Hraivoronska (Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1)
  • Valeria Iorio (Università dell'Aquila)
  • Lisa Kreusser (University of Bath)
  • Philippe Laurençot (CNRS & Université Savoie Mont Blanc - Chambery)
  • Stefano Lisini (Università di Pavia)
  • José Mazon (Universidad de Valencia)
  • Lorenzo Portinale (Hausdorff Center, Bonn)
  • Emanuela Radici (Università dell'Aquila)
  • André Schlichting (Universität Münster)
  • Markus Schmidtchen (TU Dresden)
  • Nikita Simonov (Sorbonne Université)
  • Artur Stephan (WIAS Berlin)
  • Juliette Venel (Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France)
  • Bruno Volzone (Università di Napoli "Parthenope")
  • Havva Yoldas (TU Delft)


  • Nadia Ansini (Sapienza Università di Roma)
  • Aymeric Baradat (CNRS & Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1)
  • Thibault Caillet (Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1)
  • Annette Dumas (Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1)
  • Filippo Santambrogio (Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1)
  • Johannes Zimmer (TU München) 
  • Alexandre Lanar (Boritchev)
  • Alireza Tavakoli
  • Anastasiia Hraivoronska
  • Andrew Warren
  • Annette Dumas
  • Antonio Esposito
  • Artur Stephan
  • Aymeric Baradat
  • Benjamin Capdeville
  • Bertram Düring
  • Bruno Volzone
  • Charles Elbar
  • Dragos Iftimie
  • Emanuela Radici
  • Fanch Coudreuse
  • Filippo Santambrogio
  • Georg Heinze
  • Guy Fabrice Foghem
  • Guy Parker
  • Havva Yoldas
  • Ivan Gentil
  • Jasper Hoeksema
  • Johannes Zimmer
  • Joop Vermeulen
  • Jose M. Mazón
  • Juliette Venel
  • Laurent Lafleche
  • Lisa Maria Kreusser
  • Lorenzo Portinale
  • Marco Di Francesco
  • Markus Schmidtchen
  • Matteo Bonforte
  • Matthias Erbar
  • Nadia Ansini
  • Nikita Simonov
  • Noemi David
  • Rishabh Gvalani
  • Simon Masnou
  • Simon Schulz
  • Simone Di Marino
  • Stefano Lisini
  • Thibault Caillet
  • Valentina Busuioc
  • Valeria Iorio
  • +4