23-25 November 2020
École française de Rome
Europe/Paris timezone

Due to the COVID epidemic  the Conference is cancelled.


algebra, analysis, geometry and mathematical physics

The International Associated Laboratory IAL  LYSM "Ypatia Laboratory of Mathematical Sciences" was created on January 1st 2017 by an agreement between the AMU (Aix-Marseille University), the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique),   the ECM (l’Ecole Centrale de Marseille), and  the INdAM  (l’Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica).

 Its  task  is to support  scientific collaborations in Mathematics between the I2M, (Mathematical Institute of Marseille and l'INdAM and more generaly between France and Italy by supporting financialy missions and conferences. Scientific collaborations between young researchers (PhD students, Post-Doct,Maîtres de Conférence, Chargés de Recherches, Ricercatori) will have priority. 

 More generaly, LYSM want to facilitate scientific exchanges between France and Italy in all fields of mathematics.

Ypatia Conference 2020 will present  plenary talks given by ten confirmed mathematicians, and several parallel sessions inviting  young researchers.

The plenary lectures will be  given by Lucia CAPORASO, Serge CANTAT, Alain CONNES, Alessandra FAGGIONATO, Alessio FIGALLI, Isabelle GALLAGHER, Giovanni GALLAVOTTI, François GOLSE,  Roberto LONGO and  Curtis McMULLEN.

The  lectures of the thematic sessions will be  given by  Francesca ARICI, Joackim BERNIER, Paolo BONICATTO, Serena CENATIEMPO,  Roberto FEOLA,  Arianna GIUNTI, Federico LO BIANCO, Rafael L. GREENBLATT, Laurent LAFLECHE, Anne LONJOU, Diletta MARTINELLI, Omar MOHSEN, Alessandro ONETO, Gianluca ORLANDO, Chiara SAFFIRIO, Vittoria SILVESTRI, Fabio TANTURRI, Sara TORELLI, Tanimoto YOH and Vito ZENOBI.

Scientific committeeDario Bambusi, Cinzia Bisi, Benoît Claudon, Adriana Garroni, Alessandro Giuliani, Daniele Guido, Massimiliano Mella, Thierry Paul, Pierre Picco, Alessandra Sarti, Sandro Vaienti and Stéphane Vassout.

Organization committee: A. Garroni, Massimiliano Mella, T. Paul and  Alessandra Sarti.

École française de Rome
Piazza Navona 62, 00186 Roma Italia

WARNING: due to the size of the lecture rooms, the registration  to Ypatia Conference 2020  is free but mandatory