Stochastic dynamics out of equilibrium




This one week conference will be oriented towards general aspects of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, with a broad audience.

    • Welcome coffee and registration
    • Introductory remarks
    • S.R.S. Varadhan: A closer look at the Polaron measure
    • Coffee break
    • Carlangelo Liverani: Deterministic fast-slow systems: beyond averaging
    • Anna De Masi: Uphill diffusion in the 2D nearest-neighbor Ising model
    • Lunch break
    • Timo Seppalainen: Variational formulas and geodesics for percolation models
    • Joel Lebowitz: Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Large and Small Systems
    • Coffee break
    • Poster session
    • Thierry Bodineau: From hard sphere dynamics to the linearized Boltzmann equation
    • Coffee break
    • Tom Mountford: Convergence to upper equilibrium for kinetic gas models
    • Giovanni Gallavotti: Reversibility and equivalence of non equilibrium ensembles
    • Lunch break
    • Jinho Baik: Multi-time distribution of periodic TASEP
    • Guillaume Barraquand: ASEP on the positive integers with an open boundary and the KPZ equation in a half space
    • Coffee break
    • Jonathan Mattingly
    • Cocktail
    • Cedric Bernardin: Diffusion versus Superdiffusion in a stocastic Hamiltonian lattice field model
    • Coffee break
    • Milton Jara: Non-equilibrium fluctuations of interacting particle systems
    • Gianni Jona-Lasinio: Finite time thermodynamics and quantitative analysis of Clausius inequality
    • Lunch break
    • Maria Eulalia Vares: Some results on two-dimensional anisotropic Ising spin systems and percolation
    • Joel Lebowitz: Human rights session
    • Coffee break
    • Tadahisa Funaki: Invariant measures in coupled KPZ equations
    • Public lecture by Isabelle Gallagher: Probabilités, Irréversibilité et Propagation du chaos
    • Frank Den Hollander: Metastability for the Widom-Rowlinson Model
    • Coffee break
    • Claudio Landim: Stationary states of non-reversible dynamics
    • Alessandra Faggionato: 1d Mott variable range hopping
    • Lunch break
    • Makiko Sasada: Thermal conductivity for a chain of harmonic oscillators in a magnetic field
    • Fabio Toninelli: Discrete interface dynamics and hydrodynamic limits
    • Coffee break
    • Hubert Lacoin: Cutoff phenomenon for the asymmetric simple exclusion process and the biased card shuffling
    • Pablo Ferrari: Hydrodynamics of N Branching Brownian motions with selection
    • Coffee break
    • Frank Redig: The asymmetric KMP model
    • Massimiliano Gubinelli: Weak universality of fluctuations and singular stochastic PDEs