Workshop: Recent developments beyond classical regimes in statistical learning

Amphithéâtre Laurent Schwartz (Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse (IMT))

Amphithéâtre Laurent Schwartz

Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse (IMT)

Université Paul Sabatier 118 route de Narbonne Bât. 1R3 F-31062 Toulouse
José Henrique de Morais Goulart (Toulouse INP / IRIT)

This workshop is focused on recent results on high-dimensional (supervised and unsupervised) machine learning and statistical inference. It will in particular involve a round-table debate with top experts on this domain about the major open problems on the field and some promising trends and recent developments.

*This is a joint workshop with the CIMI Thematic Semester "Stochastic control and learning for complex networks"

List of confirmed speakers (other speakers will soon be announced): 

Keynote speakers

  • Giulio Biroli (ENS, France) : keynote speaker
  • Francis Bach (INRIA, France): keynote speaker



  • Jean Barbier (ICTP, Italy)
  • Charles Bordenave (IMM, France)
  • Zhou Fan (Yale U., USA)
  • Yan Fyodorov (KCL, UK)
  • Quanquan Gu (UCLA, USA)
  • Daniel Hsu (Columbia U., USA)
  • Aukosh Jagannath (Waterloo U., Canada)
  • Jonathan P. Keating (Oxford U., UK)
  • Marc Lelarge (ENS, France)
  • Cosme Louart ( Hong Kong U., China)
  • Bruno Loureiro (ENS, France)
  • Pascal Maillard (IMT, France)
  • Valentina Ros (Paris-Saclay U., France)
  • Subhabrata Sen (Harvard U., USA)
  • Beatriz Seoane (Paris-Saclay U., France)
  • Pragya Sur (Harvard U., USA)
  • Malik Tiomoko (Huawei)
  • Christos Thrampoulidis (British Columbia U., Canada)
  • Pierfrancesco Urbani (IPHT, France)
  • Yizhe Zhu (California Irvine U., USA)


More details coming soon.

Registration form for invited speakers
  • Antoine Gonon
  • Joseba Dalmau
  • Léo Andéol
  • Valeria Goicoechea
  • Vincent Rivasseau
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