Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics  A conference in honor of François Dunlop

Villa Finaly

Villa Finaly

Via Bolognese, 134 R 50139 Florence Italy











This conference is held in honor of François Dunlop who made important contributions in rigorous statistical mechanics, in particular to the fields of phase transitions,  metastability and entropic repulsion. This domain is at the interface between statistical physics and probability, and its theme is recurrent in the modelling of large systems. Their domains of application are those of statistical physics, but also extend to other domains such as stochastic partial differential equations or population genetics and dynamics.This conference will bear on these subjects, with a particular attention to important recent results.

Invited speakers:

Stefan Adams (Warwick)
Alessandra Bianchi (Padova)
Oriane Blondel (Lyon)
Nicoletta Cancrini (L' Aquila)
Emilio Cirillo (Roma)
Pierre Collet (Palaiseau)
Loren Coquille (Grenoble)
Ivan Corwin (New York)
Anna De Masi (L’Aquila)
Béatrice de Tilière (Paris)
Alessandra Faggionato (Roma)
Hubert Lacoin (Rio de Janeiro)
Roberto Livi (Firenze)
Christian Maes (Leuven)
Fabio Martinelli (Roma)
Stefano Olla (Paris)
Elisabetta Scoppola (Roma)
Senya Shlosman (Marseille)
Aernout van Enter (Groningen)


Organization committee:
Thierry Gobron (Cergy-Pontoise)
Francesca R. Nardi (Florence)
Pierre Picco (Marseille),
Ellen Saada (Paris).

Partially supported by IAS-Cergy, Labex MEE-DII, Laboratoire LPTM, Université de Cergy-Pontoise, Laboratoire MAP5, ANR LSD, LYSM and Florence University.




  • Aernout van Enter
  • Alessandra BIANCHI
  • Alessandra Faggionato
  • Alessandro Torcini
  • Andrea Lelli
  • Anna De Masi
  • Arif Mardin
  • Assaf Shapira
  • Béatrice de Tilière
  • chr maes
  • Christophe Bahadoran
  • Clément Cosco
  • Clément ERIGNOUX
  • Dang Thien Thu Nguyen
  • Davide Macera
  • elisabetta scoppola
  • Ellen Saada
  • Emilio N.M. Cirillo
  • Fabio Coppini
  • Fabio Martinelli
  • Filippo Colomo
  • Flora Koukiou
  • Francesca Romana Nardi
  • Francesco Grotto
  • François Dunlop
  • Gianmarco Bet
  • Hubert Lacoin
  • Jean RUIZ
  • Julien Randon-Furling
  • Livio Triolo
  • Loren Coquille
  • Marco Romito
  • Marie-Hélène GBAGUIDI
  • Nicoletta Cancrini
  • Ofer Busani
  • Oriane Blondel
  • Pierre COLLET
  • Pierre Picco
  • Robert Patterson
  • Roberto Livi
  • Senya Shlosman
  • Simona Olmi
  • Sreekanth Kizhakkumpurath Manikandan
  • Stefan Adams
  • Stefano Marchesani
  • Thierry Gobron
  • Tommaso Monni
  • Vanessa Jacquier