7–11 Oct 2024
Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse (IMT)
Europe/Paris timezone

This thematic school features mini-courses on the study of high-dimensional (random) optimization landscapes, on the dynamics of optimization algorithms in high dimensions, on approximate message passing algorithms, and related topics.

List of speakers and subjects :

  • François Malgouyres - Properties of the Landscape in Neural Network Optimization
  • Edouard Pauwels - Optimization for machine learning
  • Valentina Ros - Random high-dimensional optimization landscapes
  • Cynthia Rush - Approximate message passing (AMP) algorithm
  • Quanquan Gu - Optimization on overparameterized regimes


You will find the abstracts in the "Scientific Programme" section.

Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse (IMT)
Amphithéâtre Laurent Schwartz
Université Paul Sabatier 118 route de Narbonne Bât. 1R3 F-31062 Toulouse
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