11-14 juin 2019
Le Bois-Marie
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Resurgence in Mathematics and Physics

The aim of the conference is to facilitate an interaction between mathematicians and physicists interested in the phenomenon of resurgence, when apparently divergent series correspond to germs of analytic functions in sectors via Borel summation.

We hope that such interaction will bring new ideas in both subjects explaining e.g. analyticitity with respect to various perturbative parameters in physics, convergence of instanton corrections in symplectic topology,  the role of the wall-crossing formulas in resurgence, etc.

List of speakers:

         Philip Boalch (CNRS & Université Paris-Sud Orsay),
         Gerald V. Dunne (University of Connecticut),
         Olivia Dumitrescu (University Central Michigan),
         Jean Écalle (Université Paris-Sud Orsay),
         Bertrand Eynard (IPhT CEA Saclay & IHES),
         Toshiaki Fujimori (Keio University),
         Sergei Gukov (Caltech Pasadena),
         Mikhail Kapranov (Kavli & IPMU),
         Maxim Kontsevich (IHES),
         Marcos Marino (University of Geneva),
         Takuro Mochizuki (RIMS & Kyoto University),
         Jean-Pierre Ramis (Université Paul Sabatier),
         David Sauzin (CNRS-IMCCS),
         Ricardo Schiappa (University of Lisbon),
         Carlos Simpson (Université Nice-Sophia-Antipolis),
         Yan Soibelman (Kansas State University)
         Mathat Ünsal (NC State University),
         André Voros (IPhT CEA Saclay),

Organising Committee:
     Maxim Kontsevich (IHES),
         Yan Soibelman (Kansas State University),



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Le Bois-Marie
Centre de Conférences Marilyn et James Simons
35, route de Chartres 91440 Bures-sur-Yvette
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