1st SMILEI training workshop

24-25 (Saclay)



The development team of the Particle-In-Cell (PIC) code SMILEI is happy to announce the very first SMILEI training workshop. This two-day event will take place on November 6-7, 2017 at Maison de la Simulation (Saclay, 20 km south of Paris). It is the perfect opportunity for beginners to learn about PIC simulations in a High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment, and for current users to strengthen their expertise and/or share their problems/needs with the SMILEI community. Program (in progress): - Nov 6th (starting at ~10:30): presentation of SMILEI: state of the project, roadmap, capabilities, physics and HPC achievements. - Nov 7th: hands-on sessions (tutorials for beginners and, in parallel, applied discussions for advanced users).
  • Alessandro Flacco
  • Andrea Ciardi
  • Andrea Sgattoni
  • Archana Sampath
  • Arnaud Debayle
  • Arno Vanthieghem
  • Charles Ruyer
  • Christopher Arran
  • Evgeny Gelfer
  • Fabien Niel
  • Fabien Quéré
  • Francesco Massimo
  • gilles maynard
  • Guillaume BOUCHARD
  • imen zemzemi
  • Jakob Jonnerby
  • Jérémy Dargent
  • Konstantin Krylov
  • Loann Brahimi
  • Léo Esnault
  • Maitreyi Sangal
  • Marie-Christine Firpo
  • Olivier Le Contel
  • Pascal Loiseau
  • Paul-Edouard MASSON-LABORDE
  • Paula Kleij
  • Philippe Savoini
  • Stefan Skupin
  • Thomas Gangolf
  • Viacheslav Kubytskyi
  • Youcef AOUAD