Jul 22 – 26, 2024
West University of Timisoara
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→ Visa information

The up-to-date information can be found on the dedicated page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, and all official information should be taken from the mentioned site. Here, we provide a list of brief statements taken from this page (the information below is given as of the beginning of April 2024):

  • Romania is a Schengen Member State (joined on March 31st, 2024).
  • Romania still has land border control (train, bus) with the rest of the EU.
  • As a generic guiding principle, nationals of those countries who do not need a visa to enter the EU Member States can enter Romania on a visa-free basis.
  • Consequently, the EU, US, UK, Canada, Israel, Japan, Brazil, Ukraine, and nationals of 50+ other countries can enter Romania without asking for Romanian visas.
  • Holders of Schengen visas/national EU visas (with two or multiple entries), or residence permits issued by Schengen Member States do not need a Romanian visa to enter the country (please consult this page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania for further details). 
  • A visa is required for nationals of other countries, including our colleagues from China and India, provided they do not hold the mentioned Schengen/EU visas/residence permits. Please get in touch with the Local Organising Committee (chirality2024@e-uvt.ro) for an official invitation letter and further assistance, if needed.

For more detailed information, please consult the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania or the consulate of Romania in your country before travel.