Jun 1 – 3, 2016
Université Lille 1
Europe/Paris timezone








This workshop will provide a forum for the presentation of recent developments in numerical schemes for stochastic differential equations, stochastic partial differential equations and theoretical analysis. We hope to bring together specialists and interested graduate students to share the exciting developments and to stimulate the exchange of information in this area.



All the talks will be given in the room "Salle de réunion" in building M2, excepted wednesday morning

- 1st June
     8h30-9h30: Welcome
     9h30-11h: D. Talay (mini course, in the room "Kampé de Fériet" building M2)
     11h-11h30: Coffee Break
P. Etoré (in the room "Kampé de Fériet", building M2)
     12h30-14h: Lunch
     14h15-15h15:  Y. Ouknine
K. Zygalakis (Slides)
     16h15-16h45:  Coffee Break
     16h45-17h45:  A. Lejay (Slides)

     19h30:  Social Diner: Restaurant "La Fossetta" in the City Center, 15 rue des fossés

- 2nd June
     8h30-10h: D. Ounaissi (Thesis defense)

     10h-10h30: Coffee Break
     10h30-11h30: D. Talay (mini course)
     11h30-12h30:  M. Giles (Slides)

     12h30-13h45: Lunch
     14h-15h:  E. Gobet (Slides)
     15h-16h: G. Pichot
     16h-16h30: Coffee Break
     16h30-17h30: E. Tanré (Slides)

- 3th June
     8h30-9h30: A. Jentzen

     9h30-10h30: S. Mazzonetto (Slides)
     10h30-11h: Coffee Break
     11h-12h L. Lenôtre



How to come to Lille: https://ktzanev.github.io/venir-labopp/fr/#lille-g



Organizers: David Dereudre, Azzouz Dermoune, Nadji Rahmania et Emeline Schmisser




Université Lille 1