Jun 6 – 10, 2016
Lille 1 University
Europe/Paris timezone
Positivity  has long been a major theme in various branches of algebraic geometry, both as an object of study and as a technical tool. the subject has seen major developments in a large number of different directions particulary in Vanishing theorems and their applications. Vanishing theorems has been initiated by The medal Fields Kodaira and developped after by the work of Nakano,-Akizuki, Griffith's, Kawamata-Viehweg, LE Potier, Schneider , Peterenell , Claire Voisin, Lazarsfeld, Kollar, Mori, Demailly, Manivel and  Nahm-laytimi. This subject was  the crucial tool in solving  some conjectures like   Fujita conjecture, Hartshorne conjecture, in Quadratic Normality, Barth Lefshetz theorem.
Lille 1 University
des conférences
Cite scientifique, Batiment M2, 2ème etage villeneuve D'Ascq

Scientific Committee and organisers: Giuseppe Pareschi (Roma, Italy), Alex Kuronya (Germany), Donu Ara- pura (united state ), Nahm Werner( Irland), Nagaraj D.S. (India), laytimi Fatima (Lille, France). Abdelghani El Mazouni (Artois,Lens), Treibich Armando (Artois, Lens)


Speakers : John Christian Ottem (England), Kefeng Liu (US, Los Angeles), Osamu Fujino (Japan), Pacienza Gianluca (France, Strasbourg), Victor lozovanu( Italy, Milan ,Daniel Greb (Germany), Donu Arapura (US, Purdue),Nahm Werner (Ireland, Dublin), Giuseppe Pareschi (Italy, Rome), Zhi Jiang ( France, Paris), Olivier Debarre (Paris), Kang Zuo (Germany), Angelo Felice Lopez (Italy, Rome), Thomas Peternell (Germany), Adrian Langer (Polland),Artie Prendergast-Smith (England),Marian Aprodu (Roumania), Andreas Hoering (Nice France),Florin Ambro (Roumania), Nagaraj D.S.(India)