Combinatorics and Arithmetic for Physics: special days

Le Bois-Marie

Le Bois-Marie

35, route de Chartres 91440 Bures-sur-Yvette

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Due to the evolution of the health situation related to the Coronavirus epidemic, the conference will finally be totally on line. The Zoom link will be sent in the confirmation mail.



Combinatorics and Arithmetic for Physics: special days

The meeting’s focus is on questions of discrete mathematics and number theory with an emphasis on computability. Problems are drawn mainly from theoretical physics (renormalisation, combinatorial physics, geometry, evolution equations, noncommutative differential equations) or related to its models, but not only.

Computation, based on combinatorial structures (graphs,trees, words, automata, semirings, bases) or classic structures (operators, Hopf algebras, evolution equations, special functions, categories) are good candidates for computer-based implementation and experimentation."

Organised by : Gérard H.E. Duchamp, Maxim Kontsevich, Gleb Koshevoy et Hoang Ngoc Minh

Updated information (as the Book of Abstracts) can be found there

  • Alain Giorgetti
  • Alexander Hock
  • Alin Bostan
  • Arnau Padrol
  • Arthur Parzygnat
  • Bertalan Pécsi
  • Bouslamti Samir
  • Bérénice Delcroix-Oger
  • Christian Krattenthaler
  • Christophe Tollu
  • Cyril Banderier
  • Darij Grinberg
  • Dima Grigoriev
  • Dimitri Gurevich
  • Dominique Manchon
  • Frédéric Patras
  • Ghizlane Kettani
  • Gleb Koshevoy
  • Gleb Pogudin
  • Gourab Bhattacharya
  • Gérard H. E. Duchamp
  • Hiroshi Naruse
  • Jean-Yves Enjalbert
  • Joseph Bengeloun
  • Kamal RACHID
  • Karol Penson
  • Khanh Nguyen
  • Lazare Bouraoui
  • Luc Pirio
  • Matthew Hogan
  • Maxim Kontsevich
  • Natalja K. Iyudu
  • Nicolas Behr
  • Nihar Gargava
  • Noam Zeilberger
  • Nohra Hage
  • Olivia Dumitrescu
  • Olivier Bodini
  • Paul-André Melliès
  • Phung Ho Hai
  • Pierre Simonnet
  • Quoc Hoan Ngo
  • Richard Kerner
  • Serdar Aslan
  • Stéphane Gaubert
  • Thomas Krajewski
  • Van Chiên Bui
  • Vincel Hoang Ngoc Minh
  • Vincent Rivasseau
  • Volker Genz
  • Volodymyr Lyubashenko
  • Vu Nguyen Dinh
  • Zhe Sun
Cécile Gourgues