January 10, 2022 to April 1, 2022
Europe/Paris timezone

Thematic trimester program at Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris

Mathematical modeling of organization in living matter

January 10th to April 1st, 2022.

Abstract: Despite the immense progresses made over the last decades in mathematical biology, the multifaceted nature of biological processes still represents an enormous challenge for mathematical modeling. Technological advances lead to many new experimental observations, which can then be used to improve the accuracy of modeling. As a result, sophisticated mathematical methods have become crucial for addressing the key questions and paradigms in diverse biological systems, for making predictions of the effects of system perturbations and for their control.


Courses:   Available on line 

Next courses: March 21st at Jussieu. Room 15-16-309.

Odo Diekmann: Mathematical Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases Course material Monday 10am to Noon.

Past course: Jan.17th  Jan.24th  Jan.31st  Feb.7th  Feb.14th Feb.21st Mar.7th Mar.14th Mar21st


King Yeung Lam: Reaction-diffusion equations and the evolution of dispersal Abstract Monday 2pm to 4pm -(March 21st at Jussieu). Lecture notes, homeworks and slides available HERE

Past course: Jan.17th  Jan.24th  Jan.31st  Feb.7th  Feb.14th Feb.21st  Mar.7th Mar14th Mar.21st

Workshops :

Jan. 10th to 14th (IHP, Paris):Tissue growth and movement   Video here

Jan. 31st to Feb. 4th (IHP, Paris): Mathematical modeling and statistical analysis in neuroscience

March 21st to 25th (IHP, Paris): Mathematical models in ecology and evolution

Meetings :

February 7th to 9th (IHP, Paris):  Mathematical epidemiology

February 14th to 16th (Jussieu, Paris): Math. challenges in modelling population dynamics

March  7th to 9th    (IHP, Paris):  Inverse problems in biology

Post-school:  March 28th to April 1st: CIRM Closing School (Marseille)

Comité d’organisation scientifique :

  • Luis Almeida
  • Vincent Calvez
  • Marie Doumic
  • Benoît Perthame
  • Patricia Reynaud-Bouret


Amphitheater Darboux
11, Rue Pierre et Marie Curie 75005 Paris


Delphine Lépissier : CEB organizational assistant
Sylvie Lhermitte : CEB Manager



Post-Courses in CIRM (Marseille, France):

March 28th to April 1st: CIRM Closing School (Marseille)

CIMPA fellowships:  Deadline July, 15th


Application for this event is currently open.