11-14 June 2019
Le Bois-Marie
Europe/Paris timezone

Bion Saddle Points and Resurgence in $CP^N$ Model

14 Jun 2019, 15:15
Centre de Conférences Marilyn et James Simons (Le Bois-Marie)

Centre de Conférences Marilyn et James Simons

Le Bois-Marie

35, route de Chartres 91440 Bures-sur-Yvette


Toshiaki Fujimori (Keio University)


Perturbation series in quantum field theory are generically divergent asymptotic series. Resurgence theory relates such perturbation series and non-perturbative effects which cannot be captured by the perturbative expansion. It has been shown that the so-called bion saddle points play an important role in resurgence theory in a certain class of quantum systems. In this talk, I will overview the recent studies on the bion saddle points in the $CP^{N −1}$ models based on the complexified path integral and the bion saddle points.

Primary author

Toshiaki Fujimori (Keio University)

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