Séminaire de Probabilités commun ICJ/UMPA

On the stability and the uniform propagation of chaos properties of Ensemble Kalman-Bucy filters

by Pierre Del Moral

salle 435 (UMPA)

salle 435


The Ensemble Kalman filter is a sophisticated and powerful data assimilation method for filtering high dimensional problems arising in fluid mechanics and geophysical sciences. This Monte Carlo method can be interpreted as a mean-field McKean-Vlasov type particle interpretation of the Kalman-Bucy diffusions. Besides some recent advances on the stability of nonlinear Langevin type diffusions with drift interactions, the long-time behaviour of models with interacting diffusion matrices and conditional distribution interaction functions has never been discussed in the literature. One of the main contributions of the talk is to initiate the study of the long time behavior of these models.
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