Oct 16 – 18, 2013
Université d'Angers
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Equivariant Lefschetz formulas for smooth actions of compact groups

Oct 16, 2013, 12:00 PM
Amphi L005 (bâtiment L) (Université d'Angers)

Amphi L005 (bâtiment L)

Université d'Angers

Université d'Angers, 2 Boulevard Lavoisier, 49045 Angers cedex 01
Exposé de recherche sur invitation Topologie algébrique et applications


Dr Ivo Dell'Ambrogio (Lille)


The classical Lefschetz-Hopf fixed-point formula equates two different computations for the trace of a self-map of a smooth compact manifold: one side computes it locally and geometrically, the other side globally and homologically. In a series of papers, Heath Emerson and Ralf Meyer generalize the geometric side to equivariant self-maps -- or even self-correspondences -- of a compact manifold acted upon by a compact Lie group. This invariant lives in the representation ring of the group. In joint work, we compute it homologically by way of topological equivariant K-theory. In particular, the formula simplifies to rather pleasing forms for finite groups and Hodgkin Lie groups. The constructions and proofs use equivariant Kasparov theory in an essential way.
Mots Clés / Keywords Lefschetz-Hopf fixed-point formula; equivariant Kasparov theory

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