Jun 22 – 26, 2015
Centre Paul-Langevin AUSSOIS
Europe/Paris timezone
In honor of Bernard Teissier's 70th birthday

Refined curve counting and Hrushovski-Kazhdan motivic integration

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Centre Paul-Langevin AUSSOIS

Centre Paul-Langevin AUSSOIS

Centre Paul-Langevin 24, rue du Coin 73500 Aussois


Mr Johannes Nicaise (University of Leuven)


Motivated by mathematical physics, Block and Göttsche have defined "quantized" versions of Mikhalkin's multiplicities for tropical curves. In joint work with Sam Payne and Franziska Schroeter, we propose a geometric interpretation of these invariants as chi_y genera of semi-algebraic analytic domains over the field of Puiseux series. In order to define and compute these chi_y genera, we use the theory of motivic integration developed by Hrushovski and Kazhdan and we explore its connections with tropical geometry.

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