26-30 June 2017
University of Lille
Europe/Paris timezone


The abstracts of the talks and mini-courses can be found in this pdf file.


Joseph Chuang (London): Derived localisation
Jesper Grodal (Copenhagen): Endotrivial modules via homotopy theory


Tobias Barthel (Copenhagen): Ascent for stratifications
Emilie Dufresne (Nottingham): Mapping toric varieties into small dimensional spaces
Jonathan Elmer (London): Symmetric powers and modular invariants of elementary abelian p-groups
Eric Friedlander (Los Angeles): Cohomology of unipotent algebraic groups
John Greenlees (Sheffield): Morita theory and singularity categories
Ellen Henke (Aberdeen): Normal inclusions of fusion systems and linking systems
Radha Kessar (London): On Morita equivalences with endopermutation source
Nick Kuhn (Charlottesville): Split Hopf algebras and the cohomology of the James construction
Caroline Lassueur (Kaiserslautern): Endo-trivial modules via character theory: a short survey
Hai Nguyen Dang Ho (Hue): On the eigenvectors of Lannes' T-functor
Bob Oliver (Paris): Fusion systems, classifying spaces, and partial groups
Nicolas Ricka (Detroit): Study of the stable category of modules over graded connected Hopf algebras via descent
Beren Sanders (Copenhagen): The Wirthmüller isomorphism and the compactness locus of a geometric functor
Radu Stancu (Amiens): Projective dimensions of Mackey functors
Jan Stovicek (Prague): On the telescope conjecture for compactly generated triangulated categories
Peter Symonds (Manchester): Stable categories of modules for infinite groups