Apr 3 – 7, 2017
Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse
Europe/Paris timezone

The purpose of this school is to review the recent progresses and remaining challenges in the mathematical and numerical modeling of kinetic plasmas in the presence of a strong magnetic field, with an emphasis on Tokamak fusion plasmas.

The school will gather mathematicians and physicists working on the kinetic or hybrid modeling of plasmas confined by strong magnetic fields.

The presence of several small (or large) parameters in fusion plasmas (e.g. the small Debye length, the high electron mobility, the low collisionality and of course the large B field) is indeed the source of many difficulties in the design of efficient models. To avoid wasting computational resources it is necessary to develop numerical models that behave well in the regimes where these parameters are small but not zero, and sometimes vary throughout the simulation domain. Such models include gyrokinetic approximations, hybrid fluid-kinetic descriptions, asymptotic-preserving methods for e.g. quasi-neutral regimes and self-consistent models for the charged boundary layers (plasma sheaths) close to the walls. They all require a good understanding of the physical plasma properties that follow from the presence of these small parameters.



The school will therefore present a review of the recent progresses made in this direction and highlight some of the remaining challenges that should be adressed with high priority in the next future.

The school will consist of two parts. 

1. Four lectures given by recognized experts on these fields, including applied mathematicians and plasma physicists (click the title for a summary):

The focus will be on modeling the physics related to the fast gyration of charged particles along magnetic field lines, but other consequences of intense magnetic fields will be addressed (eg their influence on the plasma sheaths close to the walls).

2. Short presentations by the participants, to foster discussions and exchange of ideas.


Book of abstracts




Nicolas Aunai

Mehdi Badsi

Blanc Thomas

Mihai Bostan  

Josh Burby

Martin Campos Pinto

Frédérique Charles

Philippe Chartier

Anaïs Crestetto

Bruno Després

Mathieu Drouin

Baptiste Fedele 

Francis Filbet

Marine Fontaine

François Golse

Yaman Guçlu

Sébastien Guisset

Michael Gutnic

Maxime Herda

Stéphane Heuraux 

Helene Hivert  

Shi Jin 

Michael Kraus

Mohammed Lemou

Xavier Lhébrard

Omar Maj

Giovanni Manfredi

Michel Mehrenberger

Giovanni Nastasi

Claudia Negulescu

Anouk Nicolopoulos

Maurizio Ottaviani

Gaël Poette

Stefan Possanner

Eric Sonnendrücker

Andreas Stegmeir 

Cesare Tronci

Marie-Hélène Vignal

Edoardo Zoni


Scientific committee

Martin Campos Pinto (CNRS LJLL, Paris)
Frédérique Charles (UPMC LJLL, Paris)
Bruno Després (UPMC LJLL, Paris)
Omar Maj (Max-Planck IPP, Garching) 
Claudia Negulescu (UPS, IMT, Toulouse)









Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse
Cargese (Corse)
Practical informations: - a shuttle will transfer the participants from the Ajaccio airport to the Cargese institute on Sunday afternoon - registration deadline : very soon - we have limited funds to cover lodging costs - to apply, please contact M. Campos Pinto (campos@ann.jussieu.fr)