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3-7 juillet 2017
Europe/Paris timezone




This CEA-EDF-INRIA school focuses primarily on physical, mathematical and numerical
aspects of electromagnetic wave propagation in fusion plasmas with strong
background magnetic fields. The models are highly anisotropic, which is
crucial to the mathematical theory.
Main topics will include advanced models, modern algorithmic
discretization, and numerical resolution of wave models with varying
coefficients since it is a bottleneck for future simulations.
This meeting will also be a great opportunity to discuss other modern
challenges in waves in plasmas, as well as various aspects of anisotropic
wave propagation in different environments.


Scientific committee: 
Eric Sonnendrucker (IPP-Garching), Martin Campos-Pinto (CNRS-LJLL-UPMC), Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard (Courant Institute-New York), Bruno Després (LJLL-UPMC)


Preliminary Program

Main speakers will give courses
- Emanuele Poli, IPP-Garching: "Electron Cyclotron Waves in Fusion Plasmas (Basic Theory and Applications)"
- Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard, Courant Institute-New York:  "Different models for wave propagation in plasmas"
- Omar Maj, IPP Garching: "Semiclassical methods for waves in hot magnetized plasmas".
- Antoine Cerfon, Courant Institute-New York: "Computing accurate MHD equilibria for plasma waves simulations"
- Simon Labrunie, Université de Lorraine: "Foundations of Full-wave simulation of plasma heating"

Tentative program
              9h= Course | 9h45= Course || 2pm =seminars   | 7pm= extra
monday :        Labrunie | Cerfon       || pickinlist= TPIL |          
tuesday:        Poli          | Poli           || TPIL                 | social   dinner
wednesday:      Cerfon   | Maj          || free afternoon   |
thursday:       Imbert   | Labrunie     || TPIL             |
friday:         Maj          | Imbert       ||   departure      |

Courses will be completed by research presentations, soon available
- Laurent Colas, IRFM-CEA,

On line inscription :     https://congres.upmc.fr/wafu2017/

Participants :  https://www.ljll.math.upmc.fr/~despres/BD_fichiers/participants.pdf

For other information, please contact the support at the email address on the left column

Démarre 3 juil. 2017 08:00
Finit 7 juil. 2017 18:00
4 place Jussieu 75252 Paris Cedex 05