Here is some useful information about your fellowship and preparing your arrival in Toulouse.

Enrolling at Paul Sabatier University : 

In order to benefit from your grant, you need to complete your administrative enrollment at Paul Sabatier university for the academic year 2024-2025. Upon completion, you will be given a student card and an enrollment certificate.
Please consult the Paul Sabatier university website for the process to follow and the registration calendar depending on your situation:

Please note that you don't have to pay for the university registration fees. Those fees have already been paid by the EUR MINT on your behalf. Please make sure to choose the option "paiement différé" when registering. 

Please note that we are not able to pay for the CVEC (Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus). The CVEC is mandatory and has to be paid directly by you.

Payment of your fellowship :

You will receive the first payment of your fellowship end of September. 

You have to provide us with the following documents before Monday September 2nd in order to proceed with the payment:

  • completed fiche Navette Z002 (second part only)
  • French Bank account details (called Relevé d'Identité Bancaire in French)
  • Student card of registration certificate (called "certificat de scolarité in French) for the academic year 2024-2025
  • Proof of your registration with the French health system (carte vitale or attestation de sécurité sociale)

All documents can be uploaded using this form.

Important for newly arrived foreign students: we are aware you will only be able to provide your bank account details and student card upon arrival in France late August or beginning of September. Regarding registering with the French health system, it usually takes a few weeks to register. Not providing us with a proof of your registration with the health system  in September will not prevent the payment of your grant at the end of the month. 

Welcome meeting: 

Please note that a welcome meeting will be organised in September (exact date to be confirmed)  with the scientific coordinator of the EUR. Your attendance is mandatory as we will give you some essential information regarding your fellowship and the academic year.

Start dates of courses in September :

M1/M2 Mathematics:  courses : date to be confirmed

A pre-entrance meeting for M1 and M2 students will be organised the week before.

For more information:

Information for foreign newcomers students only :

Accommodation : Foreign newcomers students who have made a request for help with accommodation should receive in July confirmation that they have been allocated a room in one of the CROUS student halls in Toulouse. You will then need to follow the instructions in order to confirm your accommodation. 

Toulbox services : In order to facilitate your arrival in Toulouse and be assisted with all your administrative procedures, you will benefit from the Toulbox service (free for you). The Toulbox service is independent from the Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse and EUR MINT. 

You will receive an e-mail from (Toul'Box) with a link to activate your account. Please activate it, complete your profile and upload the requested documents as soon as possible. 

Important information to prepare for your arrival: 

Please make sure to choose your arrival date and time carefully: we strongly advise you to plan your arrival in Toulouse the week starting on August 26th between Monday and Friday and in the early morning. The Toulbox services and the reception at your accommodation are only available from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. 

Travel expenses : You should book and pay for your flight to come over. In order to help covering your travel expenses, you will receive a one off payment of 1,200€ at the end of September on top of your fellowship. 

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