February 27, 2023 to April 7, 2023
Europe/Paris timezone

Random processes in the brain: From experimental data to Math and back

Thematic scientific program at Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris

Random processes in the brain: From experimental data to Math and back

February 27th to  April 7th, 2023


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Short Program 

1st week: February 27-March 3: Scratch courses for  mathematicians and neurobiologists 

2nd week: March 6 to March 10: Workshop: Structural learning by the brain

3rd week: March 13 to March 17:  Doctoral course: Structural learning by the brain

Tuesday March 14, 6-8 pm: Séance grand public by Gilles Laurent and Olivier Faugéras 

4th week: March 20-24: Doctoral course: Stochastic modelling of neural networks

5th week: March 27-March 31: Workshop: Networks of spiking neurons

6th week: April 3-April 7: Hands-on week: Doctoral courses and discussion of projects with students

Work in process seminars: 

March 20, 4 pm: Erin Schuman 

March 22, 4 pm: Dasha Loukianova (Université d'Evry) Galves-Löcherbach model and conditional propagation of chaos

March 24, 4pm-5 pm: Michel Davydov (INRIA Paris)

March 24,   5 pm-5.30 pm:  Julien Aubert (Nice)

March 24,   5.30 pm-6 pm :     Sophie Jaffard (Nice) 

Satellite meeting : March 21-March 22: Colloque ANR ChaMaNe, salle 201 tour  23-24  à Jussieu


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Live chat (for questions)

Guidelines for the poster session


Antonio Galves (Universidade de São Paulo)

Eva Löcherbach (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Christophe Pouzat (CNRS Université de Strasbourg)

Claudia D. Vargas ( Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro)

Organizing committee:

Roberto Fernandéz (New York Université Shanghai)

Dasha Loukianova (Université d'Evry)

Massimiliano Tamborino (University of Warwick)

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