Oct 9 – 14, 2022
Aussois (France)
Europe/Paris timezone

New dates: October 9-14, 2022

The ERC DerSympApp and the ANR CatAg are jointly organising a workshop on Donaldson-Thomas theory.

The workshop will be held in Centre Paul Langevin in Aussois. We will try to cover the travel and lodging expenses for all participants. Registration is compulsory. Unregistered participants can not be accepted (please also note that the number of participants is limited).

Notice that the center will open on Sunday evening and close on Friday night. It is not possible to stay on Friday night.

For the scientific program, check here.

How to get to the center (https://www.caes.cnrs.fr/sejours/centre-paul-langevin-3-2/)

The best way is to reach Modane by Train.

From the Train Station in Modane, at 8 km of the center, one can take a bus (autocars Transdev) to Aussois: www.altibus.com. Nevertheless, we will do our best to organize the transportation of everyone from Modane to Aussois (and back), by taxi.

Aussois (France)
Centre Paul Langevin
[B] Kai Behrend, Donaldson-Thomas Type Invariants via Microlocal Geometry
[BCM] Luca Battistella, Francesca Carocci & Cristina Manolache, Virtual classes for the working mathematician
[BF] Kai Behrend & Barbara Fantechi, The Intrinsic Normal Cone
[KL] Young-Hoon Kiem & Jun Li, Categorification of Donaldson-Thomas invariants via perverse sheaves
[T] Richard Thomas, A holomorphic Casson invariant for Calabi-Yau 3-folds, and bundles on K3 fibrations

Due to the pandemic situation, the Centre Paul Laugevin will check your "passe sanitaire" (preferably a vaccination certificate, but a negative PCR/antigenic test would work) at your arrival.