Jul 11 – 29, 2022
Europe/Paris timezone

Explicit Constructions of Automorphic Forms (2/2)

Jul 22, 2022, 11:00 AM
1h 20m
Marilyn and James Simons Conference Center (IHES)

Marilyn and James Simons Conference Center


35 route de Chartres, F-91440 Bures-sur-Yvette, France


Prof. Wee Teck GAN (Nat. Univ. Singapour)


I will discuss the theory of theta correspondence, highlighting basic principles and recent results, before explaining how theta correspondence can now be viewed as part of the relative Langlands program.
I will then discuss other methods of construction of automorphic forms, such as automorphic descent and its variants and the generalized doubling method.

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