Nov 16 – 19, 2021
Polytech Lille
Europe/Paris timezone

Well-posedness of an integro-differential model for active Brownian particles

Nov 18, 2021, 3:15 PM
Amphithéatre Lebon (Polytech Lille)

Amphithéatre Lebon

Polytech Lille

Contributed talk


Antonio Esposito (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)


I will discuss a work in collaboration with M. Bruna (Cambdrige), M. Burger (FAU Erlangen-N¨urnberg), and S. Schulz (Wisconsin-Madison). We propose a general strategy for solving space-periodic nonlinear evolution problems with periodic boundary conditions, showing an underlying integro-differential structure, here no natural maximum/minimum principle is available. This is motivated to study several macroscopic models for active Brownian particles. To do so, we focus on a specific semilinear parabolic equation with an active drift term, which is the macroscopic model for a system of active Brownian particles with short-range and strong repulsive interactions.

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