25-27 April 2018
Institut de mathématique Simion Stoilow de l'Académie Roumaine
Europe/Bucharest timezone

Le spectre d'un opérateur de Schrödinger dans un domaine de type fil, avec potentiel dégénéré purement imaginaire, dans la limite semi-classique/The spectrum of a Schrödinger operator in a wire-like domain with a purely imaginary degenerate potential in the semiclassical limit

26 Apr 2018, 14:00


Bernard Helffer (U. Nantes, France)


Consider a two-dimensional domain shaped like a wire, not necessarily of uniform cross section. Let $V$ denote an electric potential driven by a voltage drop between the conducting surfaces of the wire. We consider the operator $A_h=-h^2\Delta+iV$ in the semi-classical limit $h\to0$. We obtain both the asymptotic behaviour of the left margin of the spectrum, as well as resolvent estimates on the left side of this margin. We extend here previous results obtained for potentials for which the set where the current (or $\nabla V$) is normal to the boundary is discrete, in contrast with the present case where $V$ is constant along the conducting surfaces.

Primary author

Bernard Helffer (U. Nantes, France)


Yaniv Almog (Lousiana State U., États-Unis)

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