25-27 April 2018
Institut de mathématique Simion Stoilow de l'Académie Roumaine
Europe/Bucharest timezone

Transitions de phase et problèmes non locaux pour écoulements compressibles/Phase transitions and nonlocal problems arising in compressible flows

26 Apr 2018, 09:00


Didier Bresch (CNRS Chambéry, France)


The aim of this talk is to present quantitative estimates for transport equations with rough, i.e. non-smooth, velocity fields. The final goal is to use those estimates to obtain new global existence results à la Leray on complex systems where the transport equations is coupled to other PDEs for instance as in fluid mechanics. We will explain for instance how it helps to treat phase transitions and nonlocal problems arising naturally in compressible flows.

Primary author

Didier Bresch (CNRS CHambéry, France)


Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin (U. Maryland, États-Unis)

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