6-9 November 2017
Saint Flour
Europe/Paris timezone

The $K$-theory of operator algebras on $L^p$ spaces

9 Nov 2017, 10:20
Hôtel des Planchettes (Saint Flour)

Hôtel des Planchettes

Saint Flour

7 Rue des Planchettes, 15100 Saint-Flour


Yeong Chyuan Chung


I will recall the notion of quantitative $K$-theory for filtered $C^\ast$-algebras developed by Oyono-Oyono and Yu, and outline how it can be extended to a larger class of Banach algebras, including operator algebras on $L^p$ spaces. This then provides a tool for investigating the $K$-theory of $L^p$ analogs of crossed products or uniform Roe algebras in some work in progress that I will briefly describe. If time permits, I will also list a few general questions about the $K$-theory of operator algebras on $L^p$ spaces.

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