Spectral properties of large random objects

Marilyn and James Simons Conference Center (IHÉS)

Marilyn and James Simons Conference Center


35 route de Chartres, F-91440 Bures-sur-Yvette, France

The Summer school on "Spectral properties of large random objects" will be held at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques (IHES) from July 17 to July 28, 2017. IHES is located in Bures-sur-Yvette, south of Paris (40 minutes by train from Paris).

The school is open to everybody but intended primarily for young participants, including PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.

Studying spectral properties of large random objects has been a very active playground in probability theory, mathematical physics and computer science during the last decades. 

The motivations are manifold: viewing random matrices as a model for complicated quantum Hamiltonians, studying random Schrödinger operators to understand the Anderson localization phenomenon, viewing eigenvectors of random matrices as models for eigenmodes of quantized chaotic systems, or understanding the geometry of large (random) graphs such as expanders via the spectral properties of their adjacency matrices. In those studies the emphasis is generally put either on the eigenvalues or the eigenvectors of the object.

The goal of the summer school is to present to the selected students (from master students to postdocs) a panoramic view of this rich area, in order to arouse their interest for some old problems which are coming back on stage, as well as the new exciting horizons of the field.

Some funding is available for young participants (more info at the bottom of the page)

Main courses:

• Charles BORDENAVE (Université de Toulouse) 
   Spectrum of random graphs
• Paul BOURGADE (New York University) 
   Universality and quantum unique ergodicity in random matrix theory
• Frédéric KLOPP (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)  
   Large systems of interacting quantum particles in a random field
• Eyal LUBETZKY (New York University) 
   Spectral vs. geometric approaches to random walks on random graphs
• Yuval PERES (Microsoft Research) 
   The cutoff phenomenon and rate of escape for Markov chains
• Christophe SABOT (Université de Lyon 1) 
   Self-interacting processes and random Schrödinger operators
• Balint VIRAG  (University of Toronto) 
  Operator limits of random matrices
• Simone WARZEL  (Technische Universität München)  
   Topics in random operator theory

Talks by:

• Nathanaël ENRIQUEZ (Université Paris X, LPMA)
• Camille MALE (CNRS & Université de Bordeaux)
• Justin SALEZ (Université Paris-Diderot, LPMA)

Organising Committee:

Nicolas CURIEN (Université Paris-Sud) 
Jean-François LE GALL (Université Paris-Sud)
Stéphane NONNENMACHER (Université Paris-Sud)

With the support of


  • Alba Marina Málaga Sabogal
  • Alejandro Fernandez Montero
  • Alexander Buchholz
  • Alexander Moll
  • Alexandros Eskenazis
  • Angelo Abächerli
  • Assaf Shapira
  • aurelia deshayes
  • Barbara Dembin
  • Benjamin Dadoun
  • Chenlin GU
  • Chikara Nakamura
  • Christoforos Panagiotis
  • Cyril Marzouk
  • Daniel Luckhardt
  • David Corlin Marchand
  • Debapratim Banerjee
  • Dmitrii Krachun
  • Dominik Schmid
  • Drazen Petrovic
  • Duncan Dauvergne
  • Emilio Corso
  • Erich Baur
  • Evita Nestoridi
  • Fanny Augeri
  • Federico Sau
  • Gabriella Keszthelyi
  • Gaurav Shajepal
  • George Andriopoulos
  • gianluca bosi
  • Grégory Miermont
  • Guillaume CONCHON--KERJAN
  • Hakan Guldas
  • Hao Wu
  • Henry-Louis de Kergorlay
  • Idan Perl
  • Ivailo Hartarsky
  • Ivan Gorynin
  • Izumi Okada
  • Jan Czajkowski
  • Jenna Kainic
  • Jimmy He
  • Kandalgaonkar Janhavi
  • Kazuki Okamura
  • Kuldeep Kumar Kataria
  • Lan Anh Pham
  • Laure Dumaz
  • Leila Sloman
  • Linxiao Chen
  • Lucas Benigni
  • Lucie Chaudy
  • Léo Miolane
  • Marianna Russkikh
  • Martin Vogel
  • matteo quattropani
  • Maximilian Nitzschner
  • Michaeli Peleg
  • Michal Kotowski
  • Mohamed Ndaoud
  • Morgane Austern
  • Moumanti Podder
  • Nathan NOIRY
  • Naveed Qumar
  • Nicholas Cook
  • Nicolas Forien
  • Paolo Milanesi
  • Paul Thevenin
  • Pedro Luis Barrios Pantoja
  • Peng TIAN
  • Piotr Dyszewski
  • Piotr Markowski
  • Promit Ghosal
  • Raoul Normand
  • raphael ducatez
  • Reza Gheissari
  • Ruojun Huang
  • Sam Thomas
  • Shen Lin
  • Simon Coste
  • Sophie Lemaire
  • Thai Ngoc Nguyen
  • Theodoros Assiotis
  • Thomas Budzinski
  • Thomas Lehéricy
  • Tommaso Cornelis Rosati
  • Tristan Benoist
  • Tulasi Ram Reddy Annapareddy
  • William Cottrell
  • William Oçafrain
  • Wilmar Alzate
  • xiaolin zeng
  • Xufan Zhang
  • YANG Xiaochuan
  • Yaroslav Kubivskyi
  • Yi-Jen Chen
  • yilin wang
  • Yin Li
  • Yoel Grinshpon
  • Yunchuan ZHOU
Contact: Elisabeth Jasserand