Jun 17 – 20, 2024
Le Bois-Marie
Europe/Paris timezone

The 2024 edition of the LSC Meeting, “A Multitude of Times,” will focus on time and its declinations within social, biological, and physical systems. The scope of this in-person 4 day-long meeting is to bring together scientists from the LSC Committee with invited experts and the IHES scientists to present the latest progress in understanding time as a multifaceted concept and its many implications on different aspects of life. The idea is to fuel discussions, brainstorm, and explore alternative paths toward understanding how the multitude of ways we can conceive time contribute together to the richness of Biology and Cognitive processes.

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Lera Boroditsky, Relationships between mind, world and language (UC San Diego, US)
Thibault Damour, General relativity (IHES, Université Paris-Saclay, FR)
Julien d’Huy, Evolution and spreading of myths (Collège de France, FR)
Margarete Diaz Cuadros, Species-specific developmental rates (Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard University, US)
Vincent Lafforgue, Algebraic geometry (CNRS & Université Grenoble-Alpes, FR)
Leon Peshkin, Aging clocks (Harvard Medical School, US)
Anil K. Seth, Neuroscience of consciousness (University of Sussex, UK)
Joe Thornton, Molecular mechanisms of evolution (University of Chicago, US)


  • Yves Barral, ETH Zurich
  • Eugene Koonin, NIH
  • Mikhail Gromov, IHES/Univ. Paris-Saclay & NYU
  • Nicolas Minc, Univ. Paris Cité/CNRS
  • Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, INRIA Bordeaux
  • Bob Penner, IHES/Univ. Paris-Saclay & UCLA
  • Yukiko Yamashita, MIT

CONTACT: lsc@biol.ethz.ch

Le Bois-Marie
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