• Delaram Kahrobaei
  • Florence Da silva
  • Romain De Angeli
  • Sylvie Lhermitte
  • Vladimir Shpilrain

Post-quantum algebraic cryptography, Paris:

September 6th - December 10th


Thematic trimester program at Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris

The conferences and courses of this program will also be accessible online.

Main scientific event:

September 6th - December 10th: Post-quantum algebraic cryptography (IHP, Paris).


September 6-10: Summer School (Corsica)
October 4th-8th : Algebraic techniques in cryptography and Industry Day (IHP, Paris).
October 25th-29th: Algorithmic challenges of post-quantum cryptography (IHP, Paris).
November 29th - Decembre 3rd: Quantum algorithms for algebraic structures (IHP, Paris).

Organizing committee:

Jean-Charles Faugère, INRIA Paris, Sorbonne University, France
Delaram Kahrobaei, University of York (UK) New York University, USA (General Chair)
Ludovic Perret, Sorbonne University, France
Vladimir Shpilrain, City College of New York, USA

Scientific committee:

Shweta Agrawal (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras)
Giovanni Di Crescenzo (Perspecta Labs, USA)
Leo Ducas (CWI Amsterdam)
Jean-Charles Faug`ere (INRIA Paris, Sorbonne University)
Philippe Gaborit (University of Limoges, France)
Dorian Goldfeld (Columbia University, USA)
Thomas Johansson (Lund University, Sweden),
Delaram Kahrobaei (University of York, U.K.)
Kristin Lauter (Microsoft Research, USA)
Vadim Lyubashevsky (IBM, Zurich)
Alexander May (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany)
Ludovic Perret (Sorbonne University)
Vladimir Shpilrain (City College of New York)
Alice Silverberg (University of California, Irvine)
Damien Stehle (ENS Lyon, France)
Pascal Weil (University of Bordeaux, France)

Programme coordinated by the Centre Emile Borel at IHP

Sorbonne Université, CNRS

September 2024

November 2021

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