Internal gravity waves play an important role in geophysical fluids. The objective of this micro-workshop is to present state of the art results in the field, covering a wide range going from  oceanography to astrophysics. 

The role of forcing, the presence of dissipation and the creation of instability phenomena due to non-linear couplings will be of particular interest.

Mathematical, experimental and numerical results will be presented in order to exchange methodologies in an interdisciplinary dynamic.




9.00-9.45: Roberta BIANCHINI, (IAC, Roma) , ''A mathematical analysis of the Triadic Resonant Instability of internal waves''

9.45-10.30: Michel RIEUTORD (IRAP, Toulouse),  "Oscillations in rotating fluids: singularities of low-frequency modes in spherical shells"

10.30-11.30  coffee break and discussion

11.30-12.15: Benjamin FAVIER, (IRPHE, Marseille), "Inertial wave super-attractors in three dimensions" 

12.15-13.00  Laure SAINT-RAYMOND (I.H.É.S. Paris),  "On viscous internal waves"



Organizers: Patrick FLANDRIN, Thierry PAUL.



IMPORTANT WARNING: due to a limited number of seats in the aula Marconi, the registration is mandatory (but free).



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Palais Farnèse, Piazza Farnese, 67, 00186 Roma
Piazza Farnese, 67, 00186 Roma