Dec 5 – 7, 2022
Europe/Paris timezone

Searching for hidden matter at future e+e- collider experiments

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Amphi E030, bâtiment E2, rez-de-chaussée (Tours)

Amphi E030, bâtiment E2, rez-de-chaussée


Institut Denis Poisson Université de Tours Facultés des Sciences et Techniques Parc de Grandmont 37200 Tours FRANCE


Redamy Perez Ramos (IPSA/LPTHE)


The analysis of azimuthal correlations in multiparticle production can be useful to uncover the existence of new physics beyond the Standard Model, e.g., Hidden Valley, in e+e- annihilation at high energies. In this work, based on previous theoretical studies and using the pythia8 event generator, it is found that both azimuthal and rapidity long-range correlations are enhanced due to the presence of a new stage of matter on top of the QCD partonic cascade. Ridge structures, similar to those observed in hadronic collisions at the LHC, show up providing a possible signature of new physics at future e+e- colliders.

Primary authors

Prof. Miguel Angel Sanchis-Lozano (Universitat de Valencia/IFIC) Prof. Edward Sarkisyan-Grinbaum (CERN) Redamy Perez Ramos (IPSA/LPTHE)

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