March 30, 2021 to April 1, 2021
Institut Henri Poincaré
Europe/Paris timezone

Gravitational Bremsstrahlung in the Post-Minkowskian Effective Field Theory

Mar 30, 2021, 10:15 AM


Massimiliano Maria Riva


We study the gravitational radiation emitted during the scattering of two spinless bodies in the post-Minkowskian Effective Field Theory approach. We derive the conserved stress-energy tensor linearly coupled to gravity and the classical probability amplitude of graviton emission at leading and next-to-leading order in the Newton’s constant $G$. The amplitude can be expressed in compact
form as one-dimensional integrals over a Feynman parameter involving Bessel functions. We use it to recover the leading-order radiated angular momentum. Upon expanding it in the relative velocity between the two bodies $v$, we compute the total four-momentum radiated into gravitational waves at leading-order in $G$ and up to order $v$ 8, finding agreement with what recently computed using scattering amplitude methods. Our results also allow to investigate the zero frequency limit of the emitted energy spectrum.

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