30 May 2022 to 3 June 2022
Europe/Paris timezone

Contact: Elisabeth Jasserand

The Ising model is one of the most classical models of statistical physics and has been a testing ground for mathematicians and physicists for a century. On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHES) organises a special conference from 30 May to 3 June 2022, with talks from various fields involved in the study of the model.

This event should serve as a platform between mathematicians and physicists working in the domain. 

This conference is organised by: Hugo Duminil-Copin (IHES), Slava Rychkov (IHES) and Béatrice de Tilière (Cérémade, Univ. Paris-Dauphine)


© Clément Hongler (EPFL)


List of speakers and round-table participants:

  • Michael AIZENMAN, Princeton University (Speaker)
  • Roland BAUERSCHMIDT, University of Cambridge (Speaker)
  • Rodney BAXTER, Australian National University (Round-table)
  • Edouard BRÉZIN, ENS Paris (Round-table)
  • John CARDY, University of California, Berkeley (Speaker)
  • Michele CASELLE, Università di Torino (Speaker)
  • Victor DOTSENKO, LPTMC Jussieu (Speaker)
  • Daniel FISHER, Stanford University (Speaker)
  • Juerg FRÖHLICH, ETH Zürich (Round-table)
  • Alessandro GIULIANI, Università di Roma 3 (Speaker)
  • Geoffrey GRIMMETT, University of Cambridge (Round-table)
  • Clément HONGLER, EPFL (Speaker)
  • Arthur JAFFE, Harvard University (Round-table)
  • Rick KENYON, Yale University (Speaker)
  • Joel LEBOWITZ, Rutgers University (Round-table)
  • Elliott LIEB, Princeton University (Round-table)
  • Eyal LUBETZKY, Courant Institute, NYU (Speaker)
  • Barry MCCOY, SUNY Stony Brook (Speaker)
  • Eveliina PELTOLA, HCM University of Bonn (Speaker)
  • David POLAND, Yale University (Speaker)
  • David SIMMONS-DUFFIN, California Institute of Technology (Speaker)
  • Barry SIMON, California Institute of Technology (Speaker)
  • Stas SMIRNOV, University of Geneva (Speaker)
  • Vincent TASSION, ETH Zürich (Speaker)
  • Fabio TONINELLI, Université Lyon 1 (Speaker)
  • Yvan VELENIK, Université de Genève (Speaker)
  • Hendrik WEBER, University of Bath (Speaker)
  • Wendelin WERNER, ETH Zürich (Speaker)
  • Hao WU, Yau Mathematical Science Center (Speaker)
  • Alexander ZAMOLODCHIKOV, SUNY Stony Brook (Speaker)
  • Jean ZINN-JUSTIN, CEA Saclay (Speaker)
Marilyn and James Simons Conference Center
35 route de Chartres, F-91440 Bures-sur-Yvette, France
Application for this event is currently open.