Cergy-Warwick Workshop on Mathematical Physics

Maison Internationale de la Recherche

Maison Internationale de la Recherche

1, rue Descartes 95000 Neuville-sur-Oise

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers working in Mathematical Physics from both University of Cergy-Pontoise (Departments of Mathematics (AGM) and Theoretical Physics (LPTM)) and University of Warwick (Department of Mathematics (WMI)), and to discuss recent rigorous results obtained in the field of equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical physics, both in their probabilistic and theoretical aspects.

The workshop is organized in the context of a strengthening of scientific relations between researchers from both Universities. Interested people from other institutions are welcome to participate.

  • Christophe Oguey
  • Danielle Tibi
  • Francis Nier
  • François Dunlop
  • Ivan Dornic
  • Maxime Hardy
  • Michail Loulakis
  • Nikolay Tzvetkov
  • ohad Shpielberg
  • Thierry Gobron
  • Tristan Robert
  • Zied Ammari
  • Wednesday, 13 June
    • 13:00 13:10
      Opening 10m
    • 13:10 13:55
      Correlation functions for coalescing random walks in two dimensions. 45m
      Speaker: Oleg Zaboronski (WMI)
    • 14:05 14:50
      Karlin-McGregor mutational occupancy problem revisited. 45m
      Speaker: Thierry Huillet (LPTM)
    • 15:00 15:45
      Spatial random permutations. 45m
      Speaker: Inés Armendáriz (UBA & WMI)
    • 15:55 16:10
      Coffee Break 15m
    • 16:10 16:55
      Reducibility and almost-reducibility in quasi-periodic dynamics: local and global aspects 45m
      Speaker: Raphael Krikorian (AGM)
    • 17:05 17:50
      Dimerisation in quantum spin chains. 45m
      Speaker: Daniel Ueltschi (WMI)
    • 09:30 10:15
      Loop measures for space-time random walks. 45m
      Speaker: Stefan Adams (WMI)
    • 10:25 11:10
      Harmonic functions of random walks in a semigroup via ladder heights. 45m
      Speaker: Irina Igniatiouk (AGM)
    • 11:20 11:40
      Coffee Break 20m
    • 11:40 12:25
      The entropic signature of freezing in Gaussian mean-field models. 45m
      Speaker: Flora Koukiou (LPTM)
    • 12:35 14:00
      Lunch 1h 25m
    • 14:00 14:45
      Mean-field particle systems and applications to current large deviations. 45m
      Speaker: Stefan Grosskinsky (WMI)
    • 14:55 15:40
      An elementary introduction to the fluctuation theorem for chaotic dynamical systems. 45m
      Speaker: Armen Shirikyan (AGM)
    • 15:50 16:10
      Coffee Break 20m
    • 16:10 16:55
      Gibbs measures of nonlinear Schrödinger equations as limits of many-body quantum states in dimension d≤3. 45m
      Speaker: Vedran Sohinger (WMI)
    • 17:05 17:50
      Mean field games and nonlinear Schrödinger equations. 45m
      Speaker: Thierry Gobron (LPTM)