Local structure of finite groups and their p-completed classifying spaces

14 Oct 2016, 15:00
Amphi Haüy ()

Amphi Haüy

Invited speaker Topologie algébrique et applications


Prof. Bob Oliver


I plan to describe the close connection between the homotopy theoretic properties of the $p$-completed classifying space of a finite group $G$ and the $p$-local group theoretic properties of $G$. One way in which this arises is in the following theorem originally conjectured by Martino and Priddy: for finite groups $G$ and $H$, $BG{}^\wedge_p\simeq BH{}^\wedge_p$ if and only if $G$ and $H$ have the same $p$-local structure (the same conjugacy relations among $p$-subgroups). Another involves a description, in terms of the $p$-local properties of $G$, of the group $\mathrm{Out}(BG{}^\wedge_p)$ of homotopy classes of self equivalences of $BG{}^\wedge_p$. After describing the general results, I'll give some examples and applications of both of these, especially in the case where $G$ and $H$ are simple Lie groups over finite fields.

Primary author

Prof. Bob Oliver (Université Paris 13)

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