Séminaire de Mathématique-Biologie

A Diagram Representation of Interactions of Modules in Biological Molecules

by Prof. Sigeo IHARA (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology & the Institute of Biology and Mathematics for Dynamics Cellular Processes (iBMath), University of Tokyo)

Amphithéâtre Léon Motchane (IHES)

Amphithéâtre Léon Motchane


Le Bois-Marie 35, route de Chartres 91440 Bures-sur-Yvette
After overviewing the representation of biological molecules, I introduce the representation of interactions between modules in the proteins with the SO(3) rotation of the peptide unit introduced by Penner et al.. Using protein data in PDB, I will show our representation with the SO(3) rotation is useful in characterizing the structure and its change due to the mutation or the native dynamical change with time. I also discuss some possible potential extensions of our approach to the chromatin structure.