April 17, 2023 to July 14, 2023
Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris
Europe/Paris timezone

Francesca Pratali : Dendroidal ∞-operads

Jul 5, 2023, 9:45 AM
Amphitheater Darboux (Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris)

Amphitheater Darboux

Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris

11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie 75005 Paris


The dendroidal formalism offers a powerful approach to
defining operads as specific presheaves on a tree-based category. This
combinatorial framework enables the definition of ∞-operads, wherein
composition is determined up to homotopy via presheaves that satisfy a
weak dendroidal inner Kan condition. Notably, the homotopy theory of
∞-operads has been shown to be equivalent, in both Quillen's sense and
Lurie's ∞-categorical sense, to the theories of topological and
simplicial operads.
In this talk we will review these concepts and present some open
questions in enriched settings.

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