Localized solutions of the Einstein equations: a few words about their geometry and physics (short talk)

Sep 30, 2015, 4:30 PM
Lecture room SC 10.01, building #10 (Science Campus, University of Montpellier)

Lecture room SC 10.01, building #10

Science Campus, University of Montpellier


Alessandro CARLOTTO (ETH Zürich)


It is a truly surprising fact that the Einstein constraint equations own an overabundance of localized solutions, namely solutions that coincide with arbitrarily-assigned data inside a given solid cone and are trivial outisde of a cone of slightly larger angle. In this talk, I will briefly present them and comment on their physical relevance (related to gravitational shielding phenomena) as well as on their geometric content (which concerns the link with the isoperimetric problem, large outlying CMC spheres and stable minimal surfaces). This is mostly based on joint work with Richard Schoen.

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