A school organized under the auspices of the French Mathematical Society «Etats de la recherche» program and within the French national centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) «Thematic schools» framework.

The goal of the school is to introduce a broad audience of mathematicians and young researchers to a selection of currently very active fields of research. It will be centered on themes of high current interest in mathematical relativity, with a strong emphasis on the differential geometric side of the theory. Ph. D students are especially invited to attend.

Our beautiful poster can be downloaded here.

Organization committee: Erwann Delay (Université d'Avignon), Gautier Dietrich (Université de Montpellier), Marc Herzlich (Université de Montpellier), Jérémie Fougeirol (Université d'Avignon and Université de Montpellier).
University of Montpellier (France)
Science Campus (Campus Triolet)<br>Place Eug&egrave;ne Bataillon <br>Montpellier (France)<br><a href="https://goo.gl/maps/fJWq4">More info...</a>

Registration is free, but for organizational reasons (size of the lecture room, meals, etc.), it is mandatory. Hence we do ask all participants to register. Registration is now closed as we have reached the limit size of the meeting room and the maximal capacity of the place where midday meals are taken. We apologize for that.

Some funding is available for the lodging of younger participants, especially Ph. D students. Applications for funding are now closed.

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