Jun 21 – 22, 2021
IRMA, université de Strasbourg
Europe/Paris timezone

Online broadcasting

The talks will be available via the platform BigBlueButton. A password is necessary for the connection, ask it by email to the organizers.

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Objective of the workshop

In this workshop, we will address the modelling of multiphase flows. The goal is to share modelling methods, difficulties, (rigorous or more phenomenological) analysis, allowing the description of multiphase flows with exchanges (mass transfer, energy exchange…) and apparition of shock waves. Find here the program of the previous workshop.

Several talks are planned, with parts dedicated to open discussions. The main subjects will be a priori:

  • the Physics of multiphase flows with mass transfer and high energy exchanges,
  • derivation and study of PDE models for compressible multiphase flows,
  • construction of coherent thermodynamical laws.

Note that one-velocity and multi-velocity models will be considered.


The talks will start the afternoon of Monday 21, and finish Tuesday 22. Open discussions will also be possible during the morning of Monday 21. 


Each talk will last 40 minutes and be followed by a session of 20 minutes for open discussions.

Bérénice Grec
Derivation of Maxwell-Stefan and Fick cross-diffusion models from the multi-species Boltzmann equation in the diffusive scaling

Sergey Gavrilyuk
How to solve hyperbolic equations regularised by inertia-type dispersive terms

Frédéric Lagoutière
Modélisation des mélanges de fluides compressibles par homogénéisation

Marc Massot
On the two-fluid modeling of interfacial two-phase flows including sub-scale modeling and geometric variable

Laurent Navoret
To be announced

Vincent Perrier
Derivation and closure of Baer-and-Nunziato type multiphase models by averaging a simple stochastic model

Lucie Quibel
Simulations of water-vapor two-phase flows with non-condensable gas using a Noble-Able-Chemkin equation of state


A poster session will be organized Monday. If you are interested in presenting your recent works in the topics of the workshop, we would be happy to welcome you. Please contact the organizers, sending a title and an abstract of your poster. For those who would like to submit their contribution without being present, online 15 minute-long talks will be possible too.

Updated list of accepted contributions:

Thomas Bellotti (online talk)
Modeling strategies of multiphase flows via the lattice Boltzmann method

Jean Bussac (poster)
Homogeneous Relaxation Model for a three-phase mixture

Jean-Marc Hérard (poster)
Pressure relaxation effects in some multiphase flow models

Olivier Hurisse (online talk)
A compressible two-layer mixed-flow model accounting for mass transfer

Samuel Kokh (poster)
Derivation of a a simple two-phase flow model accounting for the evolution of interfacial area density by means of the Hamilton principle

Nicolas Seguin (online talk)
Rigorous derivation of a model for two-phase bubbly flows with surface tension

Practical informations

Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée, Strasbourg (map).

Organizing committee

Philippe HelluyJean-Marc HérardNicolas Seguin.



IRMA, université de Strasbourg
IRMA, UMR 7501 7 rue René-Descartes 67084 Strasbourg Cedex
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