Séminaire Combinatoire et Théorie des Nombres ICJ

Bielliptic curves

by Francesc Bars (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Bât. Braconnier, salle Fokko du Cloux (ICJ, Université Lyon 1)

Bât. Braconnier, salle Fokko du Cloux

ICJ, Université Lyon 1


First, we introduce bielliptic curves $C$ over a number field $K$ and the relation with non-finiteness of quadratic points (running all quadratic field extension over $K$) for $C$. Next, we observe for a fixed non-bielliptic smooth plane curve a consequence on quadratic points (in particular for Fermat equation). The main part of the talk we will discuss on biellipticity for the modular curves $X_0^*(N)$. This is a joint work with Prof. Josep González Rovira.