Séminaire Calcul Formel

PseudoLinearSystems: A Maple Package for Studying Systems of Pseudo-Linear Equations

by Mr Ali El Hajj (Université de Limoges)

Salle XR203 (Bâtiment XLIM)

Salle XR203

Bâtiment XLIM


Pseudo-linear systems constitute a large class of linear functional systems including the usual differential, difference and q-difference systems. The Maple package PseudoLinearSystems is dedicated to the study of this class of linear systems. It contains a generic procedure for computing a so-called simple form of a pseudo-linear system as well as local data useful for the local analysis: k-simple forms, super-irreducible forms, integer slopes of the Newton polygon, indicial equations, etc . It is also devoted to the computation of rational solutions (using simple forms) of a single linear differential, difference or q-difference system, as well as rational solutions of a system of mixed linear partial differential, difference and q-difference equations. In this software presentation, we demonstrate the use of several procedures of the package that are all based on the simple form procedure.