Scientific Program

Monday 8 April:

10.30-11.00         Opening with coffee.
                            Introduction by François Dunlop

11.00-11.50    Aernout van Enter: One-sided versus two-sided dependence.

11.50-12.40    Loren Coquille: Gibbs states for (long-range) Ising models.

12.40-14.10         Lunch

14.10-15.00    Hubert Lacoin: Wetting, disordered pinning and layering for discrete
random interfaces.

15.00-15.50    Elisabetta Scoppola: Shaken dynamics for 2d Ising model.

15.50-16.40    Béatrice de Tilière: Elliptic dimers and genus 1 Harnack curves.

16.40-17.30         Coffee break and Poster session.

Tuesday 9 April:

9.00- 9.50      Fabio Martinelli: Universality for kinetically constrained spin models.

9.50-10.40     Oriane Blondel: Hydrodynamic limit for a facilitated exclusion process.

10.40-11.00         Coffee break

11.00-11.50    Assaf Shapira: Kinetically constrained models in random environments.

11.50-12.40    Anna de Masi: Fick's law with phase transitions.

12.40-13.50         Lunch

13.50-14.40    Nicoletta Cancrini: Chaos propagation for balls into bins dynamics.

14.40-15.30    Stefano Olla: Hydrodynamics and non-equilibrium stationary states for diffusive
systems of conservation laws.

15.30-15.50         Coffee break

15.50-16.40    Pierre Collet: Time scales in some large population birth and death processes,
quasi stationary distribution and resilience.

18.30-20.00         Social event

Wednesday 10 April:

9.00- 9.50    Emilio Cirillo: Microscopic stochastic particle models for Fick and Fokker-Planck
diffusion equations.

9.50-10.40    Christian Maes: Statistical forces and stabilization out-of-equilibrium.

10.40-11.00        Coffee break

11.00-11.50    Alessandra Faggionato: Stochastic homogenization in amorphous media
and applications to Mott variable range hopping.

11.50-12.40    Senya Shlosman: Glassy states of the Ising model on trees and Lobachevsky plane.

12.40-14.10        Lunch

14.10-15.00     Alessandra Bianchi: Random walk in a non-integrable random scenery time.

15.00-15.50     Roberto Livi: The discrete non linear Schrödinger equation:
an example of inequivalence between statistical ensembles.