Séminaire Combinatoire et Théorie des Nombres ICJ

Leaf posets and Hook Length Property

par Masao Ishikawa (Okayama University)

Bât. Braconnier, salle Fokko du Cloux (ICJ, Université Lyon 1)

Bât. Braconnier, salle Fokko du Cloux

ICJ, Université Lyon 1

R. Proctor gives a combinatorial definition of d-complete poset, which is a heap of a minuscule element of simply laced Kac-Moody Lie algebra. R. Proctor defined irreducibility of d-complete poset and classified d-complete posets into 15 irreducible classes. Dale Peterson and Proctor give the theorem that d-complete poset has hook-length property. We define leaf posets which generalize d-complete posets, and show that leaf posets has hook length property. We define 6 classes of basic leaf posets and show that the hook-length property reduces to certain Schur function identities which is also new.
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