23-25 octobre 2017
Université d'Angers
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Wandering domains of transcendental functions (joint work with K. Baranski, X. Jarque and B. Karpinska)

24 oct. 2017 à 11:45
Université d'Angers

Université d'Angers

2 Boulevard Lavoisier 49000 Angers


Nuria Fagella (Universitat de Barcelona)


We present several results concerning the relative position of points in the postsingular set $P(f)$ of a meromorphic map $f$ and the boundary of the successive iterates of a wandering component. We shall also construct an oscillating domain in class B on which the iterates are univalent.

Auteur principal

Nuria Fagella (Universitat de Barcelona)

Documents de présentation

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