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Séminaire de Probabilités commun ICJ/UMPA

RW kernels, spanning forests and multiscale analysis on graphs.

by Luca Avena

jeudi 2 mars 2017 de au (Europe/Paris)
at La Doua, ICJ, Bât. Braconnier ( Fokko du Cloux )
We use ideas from large-scale stochastic dynamics to build a 
multiresolution scheme to analyse arbitrary functions on graphs. These 
types of problems emerge naturally in the context of signal processing. 
The goal is to obtain successive approximations at different scales of 
arbitrary functions on graphs which are used for signal classification, 
reconstruction and data compression.When the signal is defined on a 
graph having enough regularity structures, several methods (such as 
wavelets) are available in the literature and used in practice. When the 
regularity structure of the graph is lacking, very few methods are 
known.Our work aims at addressing this issue by using random spanning 
forests, loop-erased walks, determinantal structures, random walk 
kernels and intertwining of Markov chains.

Joint work with Castel, Gaudilliere and Melot.