Oct 3 – 4, 2024
Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse
Europe/Paris timezone

Inter-Science Meeting: Towards the Qānūn 2030 Project 

The main aim of this inter-science meeting is to bring together as many specialists as possible from disciplines that often ignore each other. The purpose is to gather at an early stage elements of reflection that will structure the work of the future editing and translation teams, which are yet to be constituted at this stage, of al-Bīrūnī’s al-Qānūn al-Masʿūdī. Among these disciplines are translatology, ecdotics, Arabic literature, the linguistics of Iranian languages and digital humanities.
Hopefully, we will take advantage of the approach of the millennium of the writing of al-Qānūn al-Masʿūdī by 2030 to organise ourselves and to produce a collective effort for the publication of a critical edition – accompanied by translations into a significant number of langages and a large amount of commentaries – of this major treatise on the history of science: this is the Qānūn 2030 project.
Additionally, there is now a genuine ecosystem of projects that share common problematics with the Qānūn 2030 project. It is therefore crucial to benefit very early on with feedback from the Principal Investigators and those actively involved in these projects.

Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse
Bât. 1R3 Amphi Schwartz - salle Johnson
118 route de Narbonne

Organisateur :  Guillaume Loizelet  


Comité scientifique : Jan P. Hogendijk ; Matthieu Husson ; Zeinab Karimian