Géométrie, Algèbre, Dynamique et Topologie

Andrés Navas, "On (path-)connectedness of the space of commuting pairs of diffeomorphisms of 1-manifolds."

A problem coming independently arising from 1-dimensional dynamics 
and codimension-1 foliations asks whether the space of commuting circle or interval 
diffeomorphisms is path connected. This  is a very difficult question, with only 
partial results in very specific regularities. In this talk I will develop on recent work with 
Hélène Eynard.Bontemps (Inst. Fourier, Grenoble), where we prove path-connectedness 
in class C^{1+ac} and connectedness in class C^2 (C^{1+ac} stands for diffeomorphisms 
with absolutely continuous derivative).